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The Spanish Video Game and eSports Federation Is Born

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 8, 2016 12:04:00 PM / by Carolina

ESports are becoming part of our everyday life, so much thatInstituto de la Juventud de España(Youth Institute of Spain) andAsociación Nacional de Fomento del Entretenimiento Digital(National Association of Digital Entertainment Promotion) have created the firstFederación Española de Videojuegos y eSports. The Federation aims to bring all representatives together from the Spanish electronic entertainment sector.


According to FEVeS itself, the Federación is expect to work as an inclusive entity in which all members of the video game sector and its eSports branch are represented, focusing on users. The video game industry in Spain is becoming stronger. It has increased its importance thanks to the rise of eSports. In fact, some important soccer teams of the country are already participating in international competitions, such as Valencia C. F.

This news is a big step for the growth of electronic sports in Spain. This can be a great boost to include more national teams from diverse disciplines.

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Written by Carolina

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