Your first Spanish publi-1sher


The same games in different languages. A new opportunity for developers who bet in Texyon. Texyon launches the same game in all Europe with localization and translations for every country.

Only 2 API for all services and an easy integration. This is one of the best bets from Texyon Games for developers. You can start with Texyon Games and you will be prepared to monetize your game in just a few days.

Publish your games on our platform with more than 1 million visitors


Texyon has a great growth in the European market, our principal market for the first step, but without stop. Texyon is working month after month to open portals in new countries and continents.

If you publi-1sh your games with Texyon, your games will grow with us. Europa and Latin America, Texyon Games is ready for a high investment in marketing for the launch campaign and to make a non-stop inversion afterwards in order to be the #1 publi-1sher not only in Europe.

Publish your games in the European and Latin American market, the two best growth rate markets of the world.


Your game, your landing page. Texyon lets you control the content of your game’s landing.

News and events with your players. Increasing your income and making more money with less work is easy with Texyon.

On the Texyon dashboard, you can create events and news to interact with your players. Texyon wants to make it easier for developers.

Increase your income with your games on Texyon + landings



More than 100 payment methods


Thousands of people from more than 5 countries in Europe have already chosen Texyon and the number keeps increasing, such as more than 10,000 new players per month. Our players are between 18 and 45 years old and spend more than 20€/month. Texyon started in the Spanish market and quickly spread itself to Germany, France, Italy and UK in just a few months.

Texyon offers a service which is not only for in-game support, but also for promotions, offers and for increasing benefits in monetization.

Texyon grows at a pace of 50,000 accounts per month in the Spanish, Portuguese and English markets.


Texyon offers a micro-payment service without cost to all developers. Texyon assumes all the costs and makes your games more profitable. Work with multi-currency at the same time.

With Texyon Games, developers can monetize different currencies with no extra work. More than 100 ways of payment: Don’t work with only one payment service for your games; working with Texyon Games, you can use over 100 services to obtain add-ons, gifs and objects.

Free of charge micro-transactions for developers with more than 100 different payment services all around the world.


Texyon is ready to offer the best dashboard for developers.

A dedicated new solution coded by our team and with the best tools to follow-up every monetization, new user and promotion actions.

You will be able to tell that our Developers’ Dashboard is the best in the market of MMO F2P publi-1shers.

Developers will have in-game statistics tools.



At your service 24/7


Due to our data center, we take care of infrastructure implementation. We also hire international connectivity for operators and deploy servers worldwide to enable them to support a large influx of players.

We also provide our service network monitoring, our security system against virtual attacks and our backup systems. This allows you to put all your attention on the marketing and development of your game.

Since both the number and instances are unlimited, the only thing you have to worry about is getting more players and not about the total number in your games.

24/7 customer support


Localization and translation. Texyon Games offers a localization service for all the games that need it. This includes multi-language translations and technical or player’s support. Texyon works with the best professionals for your games.

Problems with your game? Instance down in the middle of the night? Texyon reports every incident in your games or in your communities and administrates the solution. Support levels.

Texyon has the best technical team and offers multi-level support so your servers keep working properly.


Texyon provides the best safety solutions for every game.

Don’t worry about the payments, transfers or credits on your games. When is the best moment, hour or day to launch a promotion in your games? Texyon helps you to earn more with your games and your community. The best events in Texyon Games with the best games.

Real support 24/7. Texyon works for a real time support and gives you technical confidence.



Be great, be Texyon


When developers sign a deal with Texyon, they are dealing with the greatest advertisers. You like working with the huge companies that like to invest in MMO F2P games? Come with us and monetize with us!

Do you want to get more players? Texyon invests great amounts of money in all Europe to get more and more players.


Texyon signs a different deal every week with the best advertising agencies in the world. You can earn more money with Texyon with email marketing, advertisement gaming, product placement or just with banners.

Promote your products through our games.


Texyon Games works for developers and makes the best deals for your games. If you want to monetize your games, Texyon is the best option. Publish your games with us!

If you publi-1sh your game with us, you will have access to our client and promotion network.